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Come and enjoy a wide range of services and experience something special.

We understand that every person’s body is unique which is why our massage therapists provide custom services designed to address all your unique needs.

No two people are exactly alike. We are all different with different mental and physical experiences. Every person has his or her own unique needs when it comes to massage relaxation and treatment. Some people need total relaxation after a hard day of work while others require remedial or therapeutic treatment. Others come to us for deep tissue therapy or treatment of specific pain points to achieve complete relief and comfort.

Whatever stress, discomfort, or injury you could be going through, we have the perfect solution for you. Our trained expert massage therapists work hard to ensure that our clients achieve the relaxation and equilibrium they seek.

Scent Thai Massage 653 High Street Preston 3072

Come and enjoy the best massage therapy to start feeling great again.

Thai Relaxation
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
Deep Tissue
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
Hot Oil Massage
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
Pregnancy Massage
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
Foot Massage
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
Head, Neck & Shoulders
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
Traditional Thai / Combination
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
Thai Herbal ball body Massage - By Appt only
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
4 x Hands Massage By Appointment Only
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
Hot Stones Massage By Appointment Only
15-20-30-45-60-90-120 mins
GIFT CARDS Available On Request
EFTPOS AVAIL.-NO AMEX-Credit charge $2.00
Bookings Preferred Especially for Packages
By Appointment
Walk in Welcome if Available


Thai massage incorporates blending the wonderful benefits of herbs, aroma and heat as well as acupressure therapy. Come feel ecstasy in a serene and relaxing atmosphere in an environment of peace and tranquillity.